A sewing machine is used as a drawing tool to impregnate the surface of old fabric backed ordnance survey maps, to trace over road routes and rivers in the map.

It can be said that '...much information can be gathered from the gaps left in maps, not least about the map-maker’s intentions. This is one of the beauties of maps.’

In these works, the identity of the map physically becomes ‘unpicked’ bysubverting the way the map is 'read' with the reverse of the map as a blank canvas to imprint. The gaps left in these maps becomes the metaphorical space to explore a new landscape.

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Ordnance survey England, Kingsbridge and District (third edition) sheet 150, 1908-9 - updated in London 2006 Dimensions Sold

Ordnance survey of England, Cornwall and Devonshire 1919 - updated in London 2006

Framed Stitched Drawing 75cm x 87cm £1375.00



Bartholomews Revised Half Inch Contoured Maps, England Sheet 11 North Wales 1915, updated in 2009                       
Unframed Stitched Map Drawing 67cm x 82cm  £975.00