Text Works Series 2:

Title for an Embroidered text


Embroidery is traditionally perceived as ‘Woman’s work’ and this work takes reference from formal qualities of historical examples of work.

In using a contemporary novel as a back drop for the embroidery, the cut work decoration is used to manipulate this meaning when combined with the written word - in Sadie Smiths White Teeth some of the abrupt, crass language in the book emerges through the printed textual layers of paper, jarring the reading, perhaps forcing to viewer to reconsider the role of embroidery in the 21st Century.

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Text book £350.00


Wall Paper

Mounted Paper Textile Approx 60 x 115 cm £1250.00


Iitch on a phantom limb

Framed Paper Textile £275.00 33cm x 41cm


Behind Clouds Framed Paper Textile

Framed Paper Textile 41cm x37cm £275.00



English Breakfasts and D.I.Y. Paper

Neckpiece £95.00


as big as a television

Mounted Paper Textile 20cm x 15cm £105.00